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 Stop the Madness...

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Stop the Madness... Empty
PostSubject: Stop the Madness...   Stop the Madness... Icon_minitimeSat 11 Apr - 7:17

Stop the Madness

Why did you drink, why did you lie?
When was it okay to leave without goodbye?

You said that lying's deadly sin number six,
But who are you to speak, you hypocrite?

Sure, you say you're off to the store,
But why are you REALLY running off for?

You off to see your beloved beer buddy Joe
So you can come back home and call your wife a ho?

Because we all know you're the one who's truly obscene
With those secret affairs with that woman Marlene,
And you expect me to keep my mouth shut,
While you beat your wife up like a dirty slut?

Well, I'm speaking up, and I'm doing it today;
So we'll see if you like what the cops have to say.

You should have stopped the madness while you had the chance,
But you obviously liked the look of prison pants.
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Stop the Madness...
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