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 Robin meets the Mario Brothers

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PostSubject: Robin meets the Mario Brothers   Robin meets the Mario Brothers Icon_minitimeTue 2 Sep - 0:42

Super Mario: Galaxies Finest
Chapter 1
A New World

It was dark tonight, the moon hid behind the clouds. The only source of light tonight was they busy lights which filled the city below with life. It was an easy night by far, not much was happening. He began to daze off as he thought back to the time he had first taken up this task, for the sole purpose to do good. Just as he began to daze off a beeping noise from within his ear as it snapped him back into reality.

“Yah boss?”

“Robin I need you to head to the sewers, Killer Croc is on the run.” He radioed back.

“No problem, I’ll head to 4th on main.”

With that his night had truly began. He was known as partner, son, and sidekick, Tim Drake, the Boy Wonder, Robin. He jumped from building to building as he glided down into a dark ally. Once down he quickly made his way into the sewer. It was dark and had a dense smell of sewage mixed with grass. Robin marched forward in search for Killer Croc. It was so he switched his mask to night vision mode. He slowly walked on hoping he would bump into Croc soon.

Suddenly he could hear the splashing of water in the near distance, as if someone was running his way. It had to be Killer Croc. Robin got into his fighting stance as he waited. To his expectations Killer Croc ran right up to him.

“Well, well it looks like the bird has left the nest.” Killer Croc said.

“This is the end of the road for you Croc, give up.” Robin said.

Killer Croc couldn’t help but laugh at this.

“Laugh all you want Croc but you’re not going anywhere.”

“We’ll just have to see about that.” Killer Croc said as he charged forward.

Robin quickly jumped over Killer Croc as he kicked him in the back of the head. Killer Croc turned around as he began to throw punches at Robin who dodged them all. Robin then did a spin kick which sent Killer Croc crashing up against the wall. A lot of the pipes fell to the ground as Killer Croc again looked Robin’s way.

“You’re pretty quick; I’ll give you that kid.”

Suddenly Killer Croc felt something tugging at his arm; he turned as he saw one of the pipes starting to pull him in.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Killer Croc yelled.

Robin lifted a brow not knowing what he was talking about. Seconds later the pipe pulled Killer Croc’s whole body into the pipe. Robin became wide eyed as he ran forward to try and save him, but as he did he to was pulled in. As he went on it felt like his body was being pushed together, seconds later he fell unconscious.

Everything struck down in silence as well as darkness. An hour or so had passed on as the boy wonder finally began to awake. He pushed up with his knees and elbows. Wherever he was it was dark out, the only source of light was the moon above. He got to his feet as he looked around. He appeared to be in an open field. He had wondered how he had gotten here. Robin then tried to radio for Batman but got no response. From this he knew it would be best if he could find and contain Killer Croc. Robin walked forward still not one hundred percent if any of this was a dream. He walked for a good thirty minutes, and finally a large city came into view in the far distance.

“That doesn’t look like Gotham, but at least I’ll get some answers.” Robin said.

He then glided down from the large canon he stood on as he made his way down to the city. What he saw left him speechless as well as wide eyed. There were many different looking creatures, some that look like turtles, others with mushroom heads, all driving around in what appeared to be driving karts.

“Where in the name am I?” Robin questioned.

He walked deeper in the city as many ran and drove past him, minding their own business. Robin on the other hand was wondering if this was all a dream, but then again his dreams had never felt this real or been this long. Robin then noticed a large sign on the street corner which read “Mushroom City.”

“Ok I give, where the heck am I?”

He tried to radio Batman yet again. It didn’t work. Next he tried to contact Nightwing, who he couldn’t get a hold of either. Suddenly Robin heard what appeared to be police sirens.

“I guess that’s my queue, I’ll figure this all out in time.”

With that said Robin used his bird grappler as he flew into the sky, many of the creatures watched in amazement. Once on the rooftops Robin followed the sounds of the sirens as he jumped from building to building. He finally came to a stop as he saw three police trucks chasing down a guy who was on what appeared to be a motor cycle.

“Well looks like this is as far as this guy goes.” Robin said as he leaped off of the building while extending his bird grappler out.

He flew down at a fast pace as he knocked the creature off of the bike sending him crashing onto one of the light posts. Robin then pulled out some wire as he threw it over tying the guy to the pole. Everyone who witnessed this began to clap. The next second Robin heard an explosion down the street as he turned his head into that direction. He ran as fast as he could as he found that there was a bank being held up. Robin ran over as he jumped over all of the police cars. The next second turtle looking creatures came out of the bank with rags over their mouths holding guns.

“Gun’s, maybe this isn’t to far off from what I am accustomed to.” Robin said.

Suddenly the police began to fire their guns from behind, Robin jumped out of the way to realize that peanuts were being fired out of each of their guns.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Robin said a little humored by this.

Thinking quickly Robin threw three smoke bombs over as he rushed in and took down all of the turtle creatures/ which were known as koopa’s. Robin then heard foot steps running from the scene as he turned to see one of the koopa’s getting away. Robin jumped up as he landed in front of the fleeing koopling.

“Where do you think you’re going to?” Robin said crossing his arms.

“I knew you would catch up.” The koopa said as he pulled out a gun shooting ketchup at Robin.

Robin simply pulled out a birdarang as he stuck it into the end of his gun then kicked him to the ground. The next second everyone on that block came running in as they surrounded the boy wonder with cheers. Before he could get questioned he used his grappler as he headed back to the roof tops.

A few days had passed by and still no sign of Killer Croc, nor could he get a hold of any of his allies. He ate with coins he was able to collect through out the city.

In an office building

He sits to the quietness of the room until someone comes running in. Toadsworth spins around in his chair just to see Toad.

“Well any new news on this guy?” Toadsworth asked

“Nothing much, many say he can fly, as well as disappear. He has most of the criminal’s scared, heck the crime rates have never been this low not even when Mario and.” Toad began as he is cut off.

“Listen Toad, I need you to contact Princess Peach. I think it’s time her and the Mario Brothers returned from their little trip.”

“Yes sir.”

With that Toad left the room.

The day had gone by, as the night brought out many wonders. Robin stood on the rooftops overlooking the city. He began to wonder if he would ever get home, Robin also knew he had to find Killer Croc. The big question was, where? He pretty much concluded Croc would be hanging somewhere near a big amount of water, but he didn’t know where. He knew from this that his was time to investigate the sewers. And just as he was about to make his way down he heard a loud explosion a good distance away.

“Just on schedule.” Robin said with sarcasm.

Robin jumped from building to building as he came to what appeared to be Main Street. There floating in the sky was some kind of plant creature in a hot air balloon dropping bombs to the ground.
“This has gotten far enough.”

With that Robin jumped forward as he landed into the hot air balloon.

“Well, well he said you might show.”

“Who are you, and why are you doing this?” Robin asked as he pulled out his staff.

“I’m Petey Piranha, and you are?” The creature asked.

“Robin.” Tim replied.

“My boss has been hearing these so called rumors about you; let’s see if they hold true Robin.”

Petey ran forward as he threw a kick at Robin who dodged it. Petey then reacted by spitting some mud like ooze out of his mouth which Robin also dodged. Robin then pulled out an electric birdarang as he threw it at Petey Piranha who got electrified and fell off of the side of the hot air balloon. Robin shot out his grappler grabbing Petey’s leg and wiring him down. Robin then slowly descended the hot air balloon to the ground as many cheers can be heard. Once on the ground Robin finishes tying up Petey as the cheers come to a dead silence. Robin wonders why as he slowly turns around. He sees a dinosaur looking creature, as well as two men dressed in overalls. It was Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.

“Who are you?” the one dressed in red asked.
Robin replied by using his grappler and heading back to the rooftops.

“Mario, how did he just do that?” The man in green asked.

“I don’t know a Luigi, but I’m willing to bet we’ll see him again.”

To Be Continued
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Robin meets the Mario Brothers Empty
PostSubject: next   Robin meets the Mario Brothers Icon_minitimeFri 5 Sep - 1:23

Super Mario: Galaxies Finest
Chapter 2
The King

Another day went by, as well as another night. Not their natural style, Luigi and Mario stood as they headed to the top of the roof tops to see if they could catch site of Robin. They waited and waited, but caught no site of him.

“Luigi, where do you think he could be?” Mario asked as he looked down at the city below.

Luigi rubbed his head as he was hard at thought.

“Well Mario, he seems to come to the aid of those in danger, so.” Luigi began.

Mario caught on quickly. The only question was where would the next crime happen? They both stood in place as Mario narrowed his eyes skimming the city. He saw nothing of danger, He also remembered the other night with Petey Piranha. Whoever was working with Petey was bound to try another attack which would get Robin to come out.
Mario looked over his shoulder to see Yoshi jump over next to Luigi.

“Did you guy’s find him?” Yoshi asked.

“We’re still working on it.” Luigi replied.

Seconds later a loud group of people can be heard screaming down the street. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi all turned their heads to that direction.

“Let’s a go.” Luigi said as they three of them headed to that direction.

Once they made it to that street they could see what all the commotion was about, it was none other than Dry Bones. He was in a gigantic robotic equipped death mobile of himself, as he walked along blasting the city.

“This is a random act if you ask me.” Luigi said.

“We have to take him down.” Mario said.

With that Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi jumped off of the building as they landed straight in front of Dry Bone’s. He immediately looked down at his three opposing opponents as he fired off four mini missiles at the three of them. Mario quickly pulled out a yellow cape as he easily deflected the missiles back. Dry Bone’s blasted the missiles down with installed laser blasters.

“Dodge this!” Dry Bones said as he stomped the ground giving off a large shock wave.

Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi all flew into different directions as they slammed to the ground. The three of them were up in seconds. Yoshi could feel his heart pounding, it took him a few seconds to catch his breath. He then looked around knowing he couldn’t win with a direct assault. An idea popped into Yoshi’s head as he ran circles around Dry Bone’s.

“Hey bones, let’s see if you can hit me.” Yoshi said.

Dry Bone’s accepted his challenge as many laser shot’s rained down at Yoshi who barely dodged them all.

“Hold still Dinosaur and this will end a lot quicker!” Dry Bone’s yelled from his robot.

“As you wish.” Yoshi replied.

With that Yoshi jumped behind something as Dry Bone’s shot in that area. The next second Dry Bone’s looked up as a water tower fell on top of him. Yoshi came from behind the building with a smirk on his face.

“What just happened?” Luigi asked.

“Yoshi tricked Dry Bone’s into shooting that tower down.” Mario informed with enthusiasm in his voice.

The next second water begins to float past the three of them as Dry Bone’s body comes floating along. Luigi reaches down and picks up the unconscious foe.

“I guess we better hand him over to the authority.” Luigi said.

Both Mario and Yoshi nodded in agreement. It was just another hard night’s work paid off for the trio. Seconds later sirens can be heard as the city officials drive in.

“Good work tonight Mario brothers; we’ll take him down to the station.” One of the officers said as they took Dry Bone’s body.

Yoshi hated it when they always referred to the Mario Bros and not him as well. I guess that was how it was going to be, being second to the two.

“We better head back to the roof tops, maybe we might get lucky and find Robin.” Mario said.

They all agreed on this as they headed back up. They stood by as they watched many carts go by. Luigi quickly became fed up with all this sitting around, Yoshi and Mario on the other hand found it to be a type of relaxation.

“So is this what you three do all night, or is it only on special occasions?”

Luigi, Mario, and Yoshi all looked upward as they saw Robin crouching on the ledge of a higher building. Robin then glided down to the three of them as they approached him.

“You three are nobler than I thought; I guess first looks can be deceiving.”

“Really, at least we don’t wear masks.” Yoshi said.

“Where I’m from, it’s required for the kind of work I do.”

“Where are you from and why are you here?” Mario asked still confused.

“I’m from a place called Gotham City, to tell you the truth I really don’t know how I got here.” The Boy Wonder replied.

Mario began to think, could Robin have been from a world similar to the one they had lived in before coming to the Mushroom Kingdom. He knew that was a possibility and if so he knew he could get Robin back within hours.

“So this Gotham, how far is it from a here?” Luigi asked.

“To tell you the truth I don’t know, I feel like I’ve been in a whole new world for the past couple days. I knew I would eventually have to talk to someone, you three seemed trust worthy.”

“I think I could get you back home, I’m almost sure of it.” Mario said in a promising voice.

“I’d love that, but now isn’t a good time.” Robin replied.

“Why a not?” Luigi asked.

“I’m not the only one who came to your world, there is a serial killer who is also a half mutated crocodile. He goes by the name Killer Croc.”

Both Luigi and Yoshi begin to shiver as their bodies shake.

“Where exactly is he right now?” Mario asked.

“That’s the bad part, I don’t know.”

Mario knew this was bad. He didn’t know anything about this Killer Croc guy, so he felt it would be wise to keep Robin around to help them take him down. Mario also knew they needed time to think.

“Robin I think it would be best if you headed back to the castle with us.” Mario suggested.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, I don’t want to put any of your lives in danger.”

“Nonsense, besides I think the Princess would like to meet you.” Yoshi added in.


“Come on, we better get going.” Luigi said.

Robin disagreed with this decision but followed the three anyway. They passed by many buildings as they headed down to the streets. They walked on a little longer. After a long walk they finally approached a large castle. Yoshi and Mario led the way with Luigi and Robin walking side by side with Luigi. They walked on what appeared to be a small bridge with water that surrounded each side below. Mario opened the door as the four walked right on in. Toad walked out of a corner as an expression of surprise came on his face when he saw Robin.

“Hey a Toad, this is Robin.” Mario introduced.

“Hi.” Robin said.

“Welcome Robin, are you the new guy from the city?” Toad asked.

“That is correct, but I plan to make my visit to this place as brief as possible.”

Robin then took this time is he observed the room, it was a pretty large room which had a pretty good deal of doors leading to different rooms. Suddenly Robin and the others looked up as the door at the top of the stairs swung opened.

“Princesses Peach we have returned.” Mario greeted.

“So she’s the Princesses.” Robin thought to himself as he looked up to what he would define as beauty.

“Hey a Peach we found the guy who was in the city, his name is a Robin.” Luigi informed as he pointed to the masked vigilante.

“Nice to meet you Princesses.” Robin said as he held out his hand.

Peach gave him an awkward look as he brought his hand down.

“What’s wrong Peach?” Yoshi asked.

“Why do you wear a mask?” Peach asked.

“It’s a long story, it’s really necessary from where I come from.”

“Could you possibly take it off, I don’t think you’ll need it in here.” Peach said.

“Does secret identity ring a bell?”

Yoshi couldn’t help but be humored at this whole scenario. Peach reached out to touch his mask as Robin gently grabbed her hand.

“Sorry I can’t let you see under the mask.”

“Why not, it’s not like you’re in your world.” Yoshi said.

Yoshi had a point, Robin thought about this.

“Yah, just a little peak.” Luigi added.

Robin knew he would be at this all night if he didn’t satisfy them.

“Alright, one look and that’s it.” He said as he slowly took off his mask.

“Wow, you really have a cute face.” Peach giggled.

Robin blushed at this as he quickly put his mask back on.

“So Robin is that your real name?” Mario asked.

“It’s more of a code name; but before we get into another debate my real name is Tim, Tim Drake.”

“Interesting name, I’ve never heard it before.” Toad said.

“Robin, you should get some rest, after all you have some a croc hunting tomorrow.” Luigi said.

“Not just him Luigi, we’ll be assisting him.” Mario said.

“Oh great.” Luigi said as he slouched over.

“What do you mean by croc hunting?” Peach asked.

“That’s a whole other episode.” Robin replied.

Robin wanted to hunt down Killer Croc now, but he hadn’t had any decent rest for days. He knew it would be best to get a nights rest and come out energy equipped tomorrow. Luigi and Yoshi weren’t to thrilled about hunting down some mutated killing croc, Mario on the other hand was a bit excited for this new challenge.

“Well if we will be croc hunting tomorrow we better get some rest.” Mario said as he stretched.

“Robin follow me, I’ll lead you to a spare room.” Toad said.

Robin nodded as he followed.

To Be Continued
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Robin meets the Mario Brothers
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